Financial Reporting / Fair Value Opinions


Financial Reporting / Fair Value Opinions

When company auditors require independent valuation opinions to complete a company’s audit, the company will generally comply by searching for and retaining a valuation firm. Cogent Valuation provides independent valuation services for financial reporting according to GAAP rules and in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Codification.

Our breadth of valuation experience and expertise provides our clients with the support they need to satisfy GAAP and auditor requirements. Our clients benefit from our experience that includes working both inside as part of the valuation practice of audit firms and outside as independent valuation experts working for clients with their audit firms. Our prior experience providing valuation services within Big 4 and Next 4 accounting firms gives us a unique understanding of the audit review process. We have reviewed hundreds of valuation reports for audit firm clients, and understand what it takes to pass audit review.

Our financial reporting clients use our services year after year for audit and valuation compliance. We have repeatedly passed audit review by their clients’ audit and valuation teams, reducing the time and stress of the valuation portion of the audit. And as always, with Cogent Valuation, you will have a Managing Director with specific experience in valuation services for financial reporting working directly on your valuation throughout the project. We make your GAAP valuation compliance easier so you can focus on managing your business.

Primary Cogent Valuation GAAP compliant valuation services:

Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805);

Impairment Testing of Goodwill and Long-Lived Assets (ASC 350, 360);

Employee Stock Options, Third Party Warrants and Other Derivative Securities (ASC 718, 815);

Fresh Start Valuation for Bankruptcy Emergence (ASC 852, 805).