Fairness Opinions


Fairness Opinions

Fairness Opinions – Fiduciaries call upon Cogent Valuation to independently analyze the fairness of corporate transactions such as business sales, mergers and acquisitions, roll-ups, leveraged buy-outs, divestitures, and corporate restructurings.  The Cogent Valuation offices have issued independent fairness opinions for a wide variety of stakeholders, including public stockholders, common and preferred stockholders in private companies, limited partners, warrant and option holders, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and charitable foundations.

In all of its corporate transaction opinion work, Cogent Valuation takes a proactive approach that includes thoroughly scrutinizing the deal structure, transaction agreements, sources and uses of funds, financial projections, and value of consideration. Cogent Valuation adds value by identifying critical issues early in its process and proposing solutions that optimize the parties’ investment objectives.  Great care is taken to properly document the due diligence and supporting analysis so that the opinion can withstand regulatory and adversarial challenges.

Cogent Valuation is also independent and therefore free of the conflicts of interest (most notably success fees) that can compromise the provider’s credibility.

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