What Makes a Valuation Analysis Cogent

In order for a valuation opinion to be accepted and relied upon, it must be supported by an analysis that is clear, logical and convincing.  Too much is at stake in a corporate merger, acquisition, or buyout transaction to rely on a fairness or solvency opinion that is not well-grounded and conclusive.  ESOP administrators and trustees require compelling, justifiable valuation opinions while accountants and other professionals must be provided with convincing and meaningful analyses to accept and rely on fair value opinions for financial reporting purposes.  Valuation opinions for tax purposes must be anchored by a strong and persuasive analysis to withstand challenges from the IRS.  Effective expert witness testimony or consultation on valuation issues in a litigation setting require clear, logical, and convincing opinions supported by powerful and impactful analyses.  In a word, business valuation opinions in a variety of contexts must be Cogent.

Who We Are

Cogent Valuation is a nationally recognized full service business valuation firm that has provided independent valuation and financial advisory opinions in thousands of situations since 1991. These assignments include the valuation of companies and pass-through entities, their securities, and their intangible assets ranging in size from small, closely-held businesses and start-ups,  to corporations with market values over a billion dollars, covering almost every industry and all types of transactions. With the collective backgrounds of our managing directors and professional staff, Cogent Valuation brings substantial large deal experience to bear on our middle market transaction opinions. Cogent Valuation utilizes proprietary research, intensive due diligence, and the experience and insights of its professionals to produce thoughtful, well-documented opinions that have consistently withstood the scrutiny of clients and their advisors, investors, regulators, and courts.

How We Are Different

No other valuation firm will provide the same level of professional experience in staffing your project. The five managing directors of Cogent Valuation are hands on managers with an average of over 30 years of full time valuation experience.  Our professional staff is comprised of highly experienced Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASAs) with the American Society of Appraisers and several Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), most of whom have been with us for over 10 years.  With Cogent Valuation, your project will be given the high level of attention and care it deserves.